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Payment processing with a difference

Find out what makes Pivotal Payments an industry leader:

merchant accounts built for diverse business needs

Pivotal Payments services a wide range of industries, including: restaurants, retailers, chain stores, franchises, lodging establishments, taxi and delivery companies, healthcare facilities as well as e-commerce and mail order/telephone order businesses.

Industry-Specific Merchant Solutions

Provide your merchant base with better options for accepting debit and credit card payments such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners' Club, Discover, JCB and corporate cards. Take advantage of our quick setup and competitive rates, which will help you close the sale in no time.

  • Competitive discount rates

  • Integrated POS solutions

  • Multiple front-end options

  • EMV (Chip & PIN) certified hardware

  • Acceptance of all major credit and debit cards

  • American Express Full Acquiring Program

  • Extensive terminal and POS software compatibility

  • Direct settlement for American Express

  • Chargeback and retrieval management

  • Comprehensive merchant reporting

  • PCI support


And Much More...

Reliable Credit Card Processing

Provide your clients with reliable credit card processing. Pivotal Payments supports all major card brands in the US and local payment options for e-commerce clients selling overseas.

Flexible Debit Card Processing

Accepting debit nowadays is a must. Pivotal Payments provides comprehensive online (PIN-based), offline (PIN-less) and signature-based debit card processing.

Corporate Cards
(B2B Solutions)

Help your B2B clients qualify for the lowest interchange rates available by using Level 2 and 3 card processing when accepting purchasing, corporate and business cards.


With electronic check conversion, merchants can process paper checks electronically. It's faster, more secure and costs much less than processing paper checks the traditional way.

Find out what makes Pivotal Payments an industry leader:

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