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Why settle for basic services when you can provide your clients the ultimate solution? Pivotal Payments offers a full suite of merchant services to help keep your clients satisfied. We’re so much more than a payment processor. 

PivotalOne Business Discounts

PivotalOne is an exclusive merchant discounts program that provides members with savings on products and services that help them better run their business. The program delivers deep discounts on a wide range of products and services from brand name suppliers.

  • Benefits program that can save merchants thousands of dollars

  • Free terminal replacements

  • Free paper rolls & discounted supplies

  •  The buying power of large corporations at a fraction of the cost

  • Savings on printing & shipping, computers & electronics, flights, car rentals & hotels, legal services, marketing & advertising, and much more

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Cash Advance with Split Funding

If your merchants need additional funds to invest in their business or elsewhere, Pivotal Payments can offer significant upfront capital in as little as seven days. Our hassle-free approach to lending business owners capital is renowned. We charge zero application fees, closing costs or any other type of hidden fees. Merchants benefit from a quick 2-3 day pre-qualification.

Pivotal Payments offers the ability to provide a merchant cash advance without having the merchant switch processors. This process, known as "split funding", is seamless and provides a very strong selling point. A small percentage is deducted directly off the credit card batch to repay the cash advance. The bulk or the rest of the batch/settlement is sent to the merchant's bank like it normally would.

  • Up to $200,000 per location

  • Eliminates the hassles of dealing with banks or commercial lenders

  • No closing costs, consulting or application fees and no hidden charges

  • Fat and simple application process

  • Constant cash flow & profitability

  • Flexible repayment options


Pivotal Merchant Insights
Business Intelligence

Pivotal Merchant Insights is an online business dashboard that helps merchants compare current revenue to past performance and similar businesses in their area. They can also see what their customers are saying about their business across Yelp, Facebook, and Twitter, all in one simple dashboard.

  • Merchants can select and monitor their closest competitors

  • Compare revenue to businesses in over 400 categories and 2,500 cities

  • Easily track year over year revenue growth

  • See how their online reputation and social media impacts revenue

  • See how their revenue ranks against other businesses in their city

  • Weekly and monthly business performance emails are provided


Next Day Funding

Pivotal Payments' Next Day Funding service allows qualified merchants with the ability to receive their funds within 24 hours of batching out. Having your merchants receive their funds quicker gives you a competitive edge when selling and servicing accounts.

  • Deposits 1-2 days earlier than the usual funding cycle

  • Provides better cash flow to your merchants

  • Helps businesses operate more efficiently


And Much More...


Check payments continue to represent a sizable payment option. By offering check services, we're confident that our Sales Partners can increase revenue and improve merchant retention.

Multi-Currency Solutions

We offer Dynamic Currency Conversion and Multi-Currency Processing. Customers can pay from over 60 currencies. Merchants receive payments in US dollars. 


Our unattended vending solutions help merchants deploy and operate a cashless payment system, with the ability to quickly convert cash only machines to also accept card payments.

Gift Card

Offer an affordable gift card program that includes a variety of pre-existing design templates or customizable designs for business owners to easily boost sales and revenue.

Find out what makes Pivotal Payments an industry leader:

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